How does it work?

We'll start with a discovery meeting to understand your objectives and needs for a specific project to ensure a successful event. This can include discovery, design, promotions, fabrication, and more.

Once the project is clearly defined, we'll create a budget estimate with a contingency allowance for miscellaneous items that are added or changed during the project. The budget will be updated periodically throughout the project for your review and approval. Any changes or additions will be included in budget updates, ensuring no surprises on your final invoice.

Guaranteed Budget Accountability SM is not for every project. If we are to guarantee our pricing, the project will need to meet a variety of criteria. Please contact us to determine if your project or program meets our qualifying criteria.

What will make this a success?

Success is all about communication. We'll communicate with you on a regular basis throughout the entire project. Constant communication will give you confidence in our ability to plan and price the project accurately.

All parties involved in the project will have everything they need to know to complete the project on time and on budget through strategic management of information.

Guaranteed Budget AccountabilitySM is peace of mind for your project’s execution.