Hamilton's Proprietary Lead Capture Solution

Effective lead capture is essential to making your trade show event marketing efforts pay off — 87% of exhibitors attend trade shows to generate leads. How do you ensure your sales team receives value from those leads? By getting the most information from the visitors to your exhibit.

Hamilton inSIGHT®

Use your own devices to turn your exhibit booth efforts into qualified leads that are formatted and ready to be added to your CRM with Hamilton inSIGHT. Designed to capture qualifying information from every booth visitor regardless of where they are engaged in the booth.

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How Lead Capture System Works

Hamilton inSIGHT includes same badge scanning and survey qualifiers as show-provided lead retrieval, plus some key differentiators:

  • Multi-device Compatible: Works on any iOS (12.0 or higher) or Android (4.0.3 or higher) mobile device
  • Instant Lead Scoring: Know immediately when a booth visitor is a “hot lead”
  • VIP Alert: Upon badge scan, get notified know when your VIPs enter your booth
  • Interest Indicator: Select from a pre-determined list of potential interests to help qualify the lead
  • Custom Qualifiers: Create custom survey questions and custom tags to help qualify your leads
  • Dynamic Literature Fulfillment: Send attendees emails with only the information requested in real-time
  • Photo Capture: Capture attendees’ picture, plus save sketches, diagrams, demos illustrations and more
  • Lead Progress Meter: Enter your lead goal, then view your progress from any device or the portal
  • Voice-to-Text Notes: Manually write notes or quickly record and save
  • Group Scan: Scan multiple people from the same organization at once for easy capture
  • Engagement Integration: Integrate with in-booth engagement activities
  • Event Program Scalability: Leverage across your entire event program so you can compare your data and event performance apples-to-apples regardless of the event organizer or show venue
  • Customized CRM File: Data is formatted to conform to your CRM data requirements
  • Comprehensive Summary Reports and Data Export (custom formatted for your CRM) can be delivered daily and/or at close of show

Additional Features

  • Badge Types: Reads 2D barcode, QR Code, or NFC badges and gets full demographics
  • Survey Skip Logic: Show or hide questions based on previous question selections
  • Reassign Licenses: Simply release a license from a device to use it on another device
  • Engagement Integration: Integrate with in-booth engagement activities

    Reporting Dashboard

    Coming soon, our new client-friendly web-based data analytics portal will provide on-demand statistics and real-time or post-show reports to monitor your progress toward your lead goal!

    Users will easily:

    • View top-level stats at-a-glance
    • Dig into more details
    • Export records for follow-up

    Dashboard can be modified to include data and filters for specific needs

    1. Start the Demo!

    Download the FREE Hamilton inSIGHT mobile app to start the demo. Scan the QR code for iOS and Android App Download (all in one code) or download from either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

    2. Load the Demo Event

    When Hamilton inSIGHT has finished installing, launch the app by tapping the icon on your device.

    You will then be prompted to scan a QR Code to load the Configuration settings for the Demo Event.

    Enter your "Station Name" and click "OK" – your Station Name can be anything, e.g., your name.

    Once your settings are loaded, you are able to toggle any of the functionality off/on. Once complete, click the "HOME" button in the top right of your screen to go to the main menu!

    3. Try out the Test Badges

    On the main menu, click the yellow "Scan" button at the bottom of the screen. There are two test badges available to scan: One regular Attendee (Lee) and One VIP Attendee (Morgan). Once you scan each lead, you will see the auto-populated information. You can click the "MENU" icon in the top right of your screen to add additional details, such as survey responses, notes, photos, and interests – and even share eLiterature right from your device. Click "Submit" in the bottom right to store the lead on your device.

    Looking to upgrade your retrieval? Reach out today.