Baxter is a multinational healthcare company providing innovative healthcare solutions for acute, nutritional, renal, and surgical care. This year at the American Society of Health System Pharmacists® (ASHP) Midyear Clinical Meeting, Baxter partnered with Hamilton to step away from their traditional printed graphic exhibits and create a new, digitally focused experience.


The centerpiece of the Baxter exhibit was a towering arch that created an enclosed atmosphere for visitors. Interactive digital components were positioned throughout the booth to maximize attendee engagement. A massive LED curtain located inside the exhibit showcased branded messaging and tied in Baxter’s business groups. Across the arch, a sheer fabric logo served as a branding element and a way for people to see inside the space. Each business group had a product station in and around the exhibit, offering a unique interactive experience for attendees to engage with the product. Attendees discovered captivating interactives throughout the exhibit, including a life-size IV bag that showcased Baxter's products on a larger scale. Baxter’s exhibit featured a fascinating entertainer who blended the brand's key messaging with jaw-dropping magic tricks and demonstrations. The show highlighted Baxter’s full portfolio and how their continuum of care provides superior solutions for Health System Professionals and beyond. Once inside, attendees were immersed in Baxter’s messaging, with close proximity to various product groups, allowing for easy brand exploration.


Hamilton partnered with Baxter to design an inviting space that enhanced their brand visibility and increased traffic flow. The exhibit’s structure was open and inviting, encouraging curious passersby to enter and learn more about their product offerings. Baxter’s digitally forward branded experience captivated ASHP’s over 25,000 attendees.

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