Baxter, a multinational healthcare company providing innovative healthcare solutions for acute, nutritional, renal, and surgical care, partnered with Hamilton for the American Society of Nephrology’s (ASN) “Kidney Week” annual meeting. Baxter's Renal business unit wanted to showcase their cutting-edge technology and solutions in an interactive and visually appealing way that was unique to the ASN show floor.


Baxter collaborated with StudioH, Hamilton’s creative studio, to design a set of three towers, each three cubes tall, surfaced with LED tiles featuring eye-catching 3D motion graphics and product imagery. Each tower had a touchscreen kiosk that allowed attendees to control the content on the LED tower and access information about Baxter’s solutions. Baxter’s product lines are divided into three therapy modalities, and each was represented by one of the towers when in the idle state. In addition, each modality was represented by a particular treatment setting (home, hospital, and dialysis clinic), and these settings were featured, in 3D, within the digital program, as well as by life-size re-creations in the corners of the Baxter exhibit. The touchscreen kiosks encouraged attendees to learn more about the products with or without the support of a Baxter representative. The program running the touchscreen content provided visitors access to Baxter’s three modalities and nine therapy innovations. The LED tower associated with the user’s touchscreen would respond to their input. The motion graphics on each tower were designed to either treat each cube as a separate unit, treat the cubed tower as one by showing motion effects cascading down and through the structure from one cube to the next, or make the objects and settings appear if they were contained inside the cube rather than just on the outer surface.


Baxter's LED towers, standing over eight feet tall and displaying impressive digital effects, were a commanding presence at the show. Positioned in the exhibit's center, the towers were visible from every angle, attracting attendees from all sides. The LED towers greeted visitors with compelling visuals and high-level messaging about Baxter’s modalities without requiring physical interaction with the content. Baxter sales representatives utilized the interactive program to provide attendees with an overview of Baxter’s innovations and then directed them to the corner modality settings for a more profound discovery.

Platinum AVA Digital Award Winner

Baxter’s Innovation Cubes won a 2024 Platinum AVA Award in the Interactive Digital Video category. Read our blog post to learn more!

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