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Cummins is a global leader in diesel and natural gas engines, hybrid engines, and generator manufacturing. Cummins partnered with Hamilton for CONEXPO 2023, their biggest U.S. event since before COVID-19. This year Cummins was showcasing their "Destination Zero" campaign, which aims to reduce carbon and other emissions in pursuit of a zero-emissions future. CONEXPO was also the first event where they displayed their new brand Accelera by Cummins. Cummins collaborated with Hamilton to design a space that presents the brand's current innovations and history in a light and refreshing way. They aimed to optimize their executive networking, enhance their engagement, and boost the visibility of their new brand.


Cummins’ design for CONEXPO 2023 featured a display of graphics and organic materials, communicating their commitment to the environment. The creative was inspired by the Cummins logo and its iconic red color, as well as rounded shapes, movement, natural tones, and a contemporary aesthetic. In this exhibit, the curved shape of the letter "C" in the Cummins logo was used as the basis for the architecture. The C shape can be seen in the floor plan, back wall, and hanging sign. The hanging sign incorporated illuminated red blades that appeared to move due to the projection lighting of various shades of red. The red lighting on the stone wall was synced with the large LED screen, creating motion lighting that mimicked the LED display. Attendees were welcomed to explore Cummins' century-long innovative technology legacy, discovering the current product line and their new Accelera technology. A hospitality area was located at the back of the booth, along with conference rooms that provided space for Cummins staff to host more private discussions.


Through the implementation of strategic color, dynamic lighting, and captivating graphics, the space experienced a significant increase in traffic. It was easy for individuals to navigate the space, and they were compelled to explore and share Cummins’ history. Hamilton placed four sensors in different areas throughout the exhibit providing Cummins insights on attendee behavior, such as interest areas, engagement duration, and active participation. The sensors listen for Wi-Fi “pings” from attendees’ mobile devices and uses those devices as a proxy for people. This year, nearly 4,900 attendees were detected, and of that, over 95% were exposed to the Cummins exhibit. Once a visitor entered the exhibit, they spent an average dwell time of 15 minutes and eight seconds engaging within the space. Cummins’ exhibit demonstrated a cost-effective approach to incorporating natural elements and organic shapes into their space. Cummins' presence at CONEXPO 2023 garnered overwhelmingly positive feedback from both attendees and clients.

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