MODEX 2022, The Premier Supply Chain Experience Trade Show, was Dematic’s first major US in-person event. Throughout the pandemic, Dematic innovated to bring the physical experience to the digital space and succeeded with their award-winning Virtual Tech Tour. For MODEX 2022, Dematic sought to bring the same innovative, digital-forward experience to the physical conference setting.


Instead of a booth packed with products, Dematic showed up with an 100% digital experience. Each solution included a customized touch screen program powered by elements of the virtual tech tour and adapted to serve the in-person experience.


Dematic stood apart from the competition as an all-digital experience in a sea of booths packed with production. In addition, Dematic was named a “MODEX 2022 Standout Exhibit” in report from Competitive Edge.

About the Report: As a value-added exhibitor service, MHI provided exhibiting companies who attended the ShowPro Live Exhibitor Education Workshop with an E³ Exhibiting Effectiveness Evaluation. Jefferson Davis, president of Competitive Edge, a trade show consulting firm, conducted these onsite evaluations. While conducting the evaluations, Jefferson also looked for exhibits throughout the show displaying imaginative, creative, and effective ideas and practices. The “Standout Exhibits” cited the use of dynamic exhibiting practices observed at MODEX 2022.

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