For MODEX 2024, The Premier Supply Chain Experience Trade Show, Dematic, a leading supplier of material handling systems, software, and services, aimed to push the boundaries of a digital presence to showcase their innovative solutions. A digital approach would demonstrate Dematic’s position as a leading provider of automated digital solutions to supply chain leaders.


Dematic’s “Solved. Your Ambition. Our Mission.” campaign inspired an exciting experience at MODEX created to transform attendees’ supply chain ambitions. The Dematic exhibit at MODEX 2024 featured a bold all-black design that embodied a sleek, immersive, and amplified experience. The design of the space was kept simple, with intentional branding and significant LED video components. The space incorporated 550 LED video components synched in perfect harmony. Extensive LED video walls and LED video bars produced an encapsulating digitized atmosphere. A large anamorphic video screen hung above the exhibit entrance, where attendees gathered and viewed 3D animations of Dematic’s equipment solutions. StudioH, Hamilton’s in-house creative experiential studio designed and produced the anamorphic LED video content. Beneath the anamorphic screen, LED video bars displayed synchronized content and enabled attendees to see inside the space from the aisles, piquing their interest prior to entering. As attendees entered the exhibit from the side, a sizeable Dematic logo of internally lit channel letters greeted them. LED video bar arrows on the curved wall then guided attendees into the space.

A second entrance featured an illuminated Dematic logo and LED video bars that followed the radius of the curved hallway, providing a sense of discovery for attendees who turned the corner and were immersed in a room of digital content and hospitality. The inside featured two floor-to-ceiling, concave, LED video walls – one dedicated to digital storytelling to present branded content and the other aimed at engaging attendees in an interactive VR experience showcasing Dematic’s solutions. The VR experience, navigated by wireless controllers, allowed for 1-to-1 or 1-to-many demonstrations. Attendees found the headset-less component of the VR experience highly appealing. Tables in front of the digital storytelling wall enabled attendees to have further conversations with Dematic representatives showcasing their software solutions. During the event, Dematic provided an espresso bar with small snacks, infused water, and crafted espresso drinks featuring the company’s logo. Conference rooms, exclusively reserved for scheduled client meetings, could be found at the back of the exhibit.


Dematic partnered with Hamilton to present an extraordinary exhibit at MODEX 2024, built in an unconventional structure that provided a transformative space. The unique shape of the space captured attendees, forcing passersby to step in and experience the unconventional exhibit. The immersive experience stood out on the show floor with the all-black structure and harmonized LED video content. Attendees witnessed the harmony of the LED content from wherever they stood inside or outside of the space. The digitized atmosphere enabled Dematic to show the wide breadth of their offerings. The anamorphic screen caught the attention of attendees, making them stop and stare. Attendees “loved the fact that there was no hardware, no robots, etc.” and “screamed partnership and optimization”. Dematic’s experience demonstrated their ingenuity, being the first in their industry to incorporate an anamorphic screen at the MODEX show, emphasizing them as a leading innovative solutions provider.

“Not only did our presence at MODEX leave a lasting impression on show attendees, but it also sparked a cultural shift internally that has reenergized our organization. The enthusiasm and passion that flowed through our presence had a profound impact on our team members, instilling a renewed sense of pride and motivation. The success we achieved at the event is a testament to the dedication, creativity, and professionalism demonstrated by the Hamilton team.”
– Scott Knight, Dematic Head of Marketing & Communications, Americas

Platinum Hermes Winner

Hamilton won the prestigious Platinum prize in the Hermes Creative Awards for our exceptional work in trade show exhibits for Dematic at MODEX 2024.

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