Increase sales by introducing a new highly engaging exhibit designed to draw in more attendees than previous years. Once in the space, keep visitors engaged by incorporating a fun interactive experience to captivate and educate attendees on the benefits of Elanco Animal Health products.


Bright large graphics, dimensional logos, and lighting elements captured attendees' attention and drew them towards the open and inviting interior.

Using AR technology, Elanco attendees were able to physically play with a hyper-realistic animated dog named Lilly. They could play fetch, give her treats, and learn about Elanco’s products.

A live host presented an educational quiz about Elanco products and each participant logged answers on a personal keypad. Data was gathered from the keypad responses and displayed in real time on the screen.


Hundreds of qualified attendees (and even a few live dogs) played with Lilly during the show. Attendees were educated on animal health medications in a fun, exciting way that opened them up to ask questions to on site veterinary experts and confirm their orders with sales staff. The complete experience helped Elanco increase in-booth sales by over 275% despite of an overall drop in show attendance.

Data captured in the booth gave insight into the knowledge level that attendees had about specific Elanco CAH products and treatments and provided the foundation for future marketing campaigns and targeted post-show lead follow-up.

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