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Glastender, Inc. is a family-owned company manufacturing premier food service equipment. The NAFEM (North American Association for Food Equipment Manufacturers) Show is the world’s leading food service equipment and supplies showcase. Glastender partnered with Hamilton for NAFEM 2023 to create a complete hospitality experience within their exhibit, going beyond a simple product showcase. The goal was to provide attendees with a realistic bar experience while showcasing Glastender's products.


The design identified Glastender’s offerings in five different integrated product areas. The architecture created an open, approachable experience that visually directed people through the exhibit. The structure incorporated materials commonly found in a traditional bar setting. The center of the exhibit featured a large, curved bar displaying Glastender’s underbar equipment that supports the Cocktail Life Cycle, their approach to equipment, and bar design. The feature bar’s shape and location encouraged attendees to participate in an expert-led, hands-on product demonstration. A wall of alcohol showcased Glastender’s back bar refrigeration. Glastender also debuted a digital platform called GT Designer at NAFEM on iPads throughout the space that allows customers to design a customized underbar and back bar layout. The modern mixology display provided a space to present their new products. Additionally, there was a second bar with additional Glastender equipment and a walk-in cooler area showcasing their cooling system for where kegs are stored. Glastender's brand stood out with blue lighting and an illuminated cocktail logo, attracting attendees to the various product areas and bringing the exhibit to life.


NAFEM 2023 turned out to be a huge success for Glastender, leaving behind an unforgettable experience. The exhibit attracted attendees from across the show floor, resulting in a bustling booth with impressive foot traffic. Everyone, including Glastender employees, sales representatives, and NAFEM attendees, was impressed with the experience.

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