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Hamilton set out to create a captivating exhibit for Interfaceware, a trusted leader in enterprise integration, at HIMSS Global Health Conference and Exhibition 2024, aiming to leave a lasting impression. Initially, Interfaceware secured a 20 x 30 exhibit space but later negotiated a more strategic location with an angled layout, which presented a challenge in effectively utilizing the now smaller space. Hamilton aimed to make Interfaceware shine on the show floor, transforming their unique angled booth into an irresistible hub with product demonstrations showcasing how they simplify healthcare data integration, drawing attendees in effortlessly.


Hamilton rose to the challenge with their creative problem-solving skills, maximizing the space with a sculptural centerpiece that symbolized Interfaceware's software integration prowess. The structure incorporated an impressive LED display, showcasing motion graphics that were both captivating and informative. Interfaceware branding was seamlessly integrated into the structure, ensuring consistent and cohesive messaging. Hamilton's thoughtful design optimized the use of limited space and created an immersive environment that communicated Interfaceware's value proposition, resonating powerfully among the audience.


The innovative exhibit design made a strong impression at HIMSS 2024, with the distinctive structure drawing attention and highlighting the Interfaceware brand. Hamilton showcased its ability to overcome spatial limitations and deliver engaging brand experiences on a constrained budget.

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