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Mailchimp’s directive was simple–communicate Mailchimp is an all-in-one marketing platform for small business owners. The solution had to be innovative and intuitive, and true to Mailchimp’s offbeat brand identity. The story had to be experienced, not told. The technology needed to be cutting edge, not mechanical. The architecture needed to be expressive, not complex.


From 100’ away, visitors could see the 5-tier organic shaped sign. The nature of Mailchimp’s brand is daring and unexpected and this was reflected in the architecture as we purposely avoided symmetry to create architecture that was perfectly imperfect. From the aisle, the attendee could see the wall-like structure featuring a mixture of stationery and projection-mapped images and text (courtesy of two 4K projectors built into the overhang) “dancing” on the printed wall. Staff encouraged attendees to explore the wall and touch the interactive areas. This would trigger the illuminated illustrations to wake out of their resting state and animate in a unique way that both surprised and delighted attendees, while simultaneously educating them on Mailchimp’s all-in-one marketing platform. After interacting with the projection, attendees were then invited to the opposite side of the wall, where four demo stations enabled visitors to experience the platform for themselves. This whimsical “wonder wall” experience combined with simple, clear messages captivated attendees and captured Mailchimp’s wildly expressive brand.


The interactive projection mapping engagement was a huge draw for attendees, bringing them in to experience the exercise. This increased overall traffic and created the opportunity for in-depth conversations.

For our work with Mailchimp, Hamilton won EXHIBITOR Magazine’s Gold Exhibit Design Award for Best Use of Storytelling and was touted by judges as a “tightly focused stand that hit the client’s directive dead on.”

Our work was also featured as a two-page spread in the May 2020 issue of EXHIBITOR magazine - read the article.

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