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Prestone is the number one branded consumer choice for antifreeze/coolant, brake fluid, and power steering fluid in North America. For AAPEX 2022, the premier automotive product expo, Prestone prioritized showcasing brand presence as a demonstration of their leadership in the industry. They wanted to display their new Prestone Max product by bringing the retail store to the trade show floor. Prestone partnered with Hamilton to create an engaging retail environment positioning themselves as an industry leader and educator. The objective was to design a highly appealing exhibit with digital engagements and visuals to increase show floor traffic and overall audience engagement.


Attendees could see Prestone’s billboard-style graphics from the convention center’s main entrance. Hamilton wanted to transform an attendees’ event experience and set out to mimic an auto part store within the exhibit. The design featured an experience center creating a mock storefront with space for demonstrations, monitors for presentations, and product displays. Prestone’s sales representatives used this area for training and informational presentations about their products. The exhibit included two central meeting centers for both international and domestic teams. Prestone’s exhibit was created using a modular system certifying its ability to be reconfigured for smaller shows as needed.

From the aisle, attendees discovered a large-scale display with a spinning wheel demonstrating Prestone’s product in comparison to their competitors. The exhibit also promoted an engine display showing customers how Prestone’s product interacts inside an engine. The experience center and two interactive engagements ensured that every attendee left Prestone’s exhibit feeling like they learned something new.


The multiple customer engagement opportunities were a huge draw for attendees and generated high interest. Prestone brought the retail experience to the show floor – enabling a larger audience of attendees to experience it first-hand. The large graphics and engagement inside Prestone’s exhibit sparked curiosity. Prestone saw an increase in traffic, further indicating their persistent leadership in the automotive industry.

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