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Sensormatic, the leading global retail solutions portfolio of Johnson Controls, partnered with Hamilton for the National Retail Foundation (NRF) Big Show 2024, the largest conference and expo in the world for the retail industry. In previous years, Sensormatic brought a significant amount of product to NRF. This year, they wanted to focus less on product and more on digital in a clean, modern and inviting environment.


Hamilton created a retail-like environment for Sensormatic to showcase their technology. The space had an inviting and fresh atmosphere, with warm, earthy tones reminiscent of a retail setting. Sensormatic’s exhibit was designed to guide attendees diagonally from corner to corner, with reception counters positioned at both ends to greet them. Four product kiosks for each of their vertical markets were located throughout the space, each featuring an LED screen with motion graphic content on one side and the other housing a monitor where attendees could learn more about the product. Hamilton’s digital engagement team created Sensormatic's virtual retail site, which the monitors showcased. The kiosks provided an opportunity to demonstrate the functionality of Sensormatic's products in a retail setting. A semi-enclosed structure housed a demonstration area for smaller groups. LED tiles lined the top of the structure, displaying branded content and their partnerships, helping to convey Sensormatic as being a leader in innovation.


Sensormatic's exhibit attracted a plethora of attendees from across the NRF show hall. The experience left the attendees and Sensormatic staff thoroughly impressed. Observing Sensormatic's products in a realistic environment proved to be a captivating experience among attendees.

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