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Titan Aviation Fuels is one of the largest distributors of aviation fuel products in the United States. The company serves airlines, corporate flight departments, and aerial applicators.

The company was undergoing a rebranding from Shell Aviation to Titan Aviation Fuels. NBAA was an opportunity to reintroduce themselves to the industry—to showcase the depth of their dealer network and their established, unparalleled customer service. The 50’ x 70’ exhibit space needed to accommodate 25 dealers, while still maintaining an open flow of traffic. The design had to be elegant, modern, and bold to introduce the new Titan Aviation Fuels brand.


The design featured 13 multi-functional, double-sided demonstration pods along the three main aisles of the booth. A corporate central meeting center featured a compelling video gallery wall and private discussion areas.


Titan Aviation Fuels debut was a complete success showcasing its impressive dealer network. The new branding and booth experience exceeded the client’s expectations, expanding their global presence in the aviation field.

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