Mobile Tour

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Zimmer Biomet, a global medical device technology leader and customer-centric solutions organization, partnered with Hamilton during COVID-19 to create a nationwide mobile experience showcasing their current and future technologies for orthopedic surgeons. The mobile experience would travel from coast-to-coast bringing the ZBEdge Connected Intelligence Suite of technology directly to surgeons. The tour would allow physicians to walk out of the hospital during a free moment to explore Zimmer Biomet’s offerings.


Pulling inspiration from Zimmer Biomet’s high-tech and brand-inspired large booth designs, the mobile tour incorporated a lounge area, workstations featuring their products, and a mock operating room. Surgeons could pre-schedule their tour experiences or visit during the tour’s open-house hours. Zimmer Biomet ambassadors were located throughout the space to provide visitors with guided product demonstrations. Zimmer Biomet wanted to show visitors how their products work and how the technology can improve patient outcomes. Hamilton had to design and construct a mobile tour that would allow all free-standing properties to be easily collapsed, moved, and secured while ensuring that all mounted properties could withstand constant transit.


Zimmer Biomet’s mobile tour was a quick solution reaction to COVID-19. The mobile tour kept Zimmer Biomet products fresh in the minds of surgeons and hospital administrators across the country. The experience was initially scheduled to tour for four months; however, its success led them to extend the tour for an additional eight months. Zimmer Biomet’s initiative prompted their audience to view them as a more technology-forward company.

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