Hamilton's Statewide Vaccination Experience

When the Indiana State Department of Health faced the challenge to safely deliver more than 200,000 COVID-19 vaccines in less than 90 days, Hamilton stepped in to organize the ultimate live event. Hamilton helped to plan, design, set-up, and execute multiple outdoor mass vaccination sites and mobile vaccination events across the state of Indiana. Read our blog post for more!

Watch the videos below to see our work at the Notre Dame and Sellersburg mass vaccination sites.

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Efficient, Safe, Effective Solutions

Hamilton brings to the planning table proven depth and capacity to meet complicated challenges.

From vaccine administration (mobile events to large scale mass vaccination), to public and private schools, to retail spaces (like pharmacies and clinics)—Hamilton offers customized, scalable solutions for regional, county, and retail environments.

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Vaccine Administration Solutions

Hamilton has proven experience delivering complex vaccine administration at scale for state, region or county delivery. Going beyond tactical logistics, Hamilton can design, construct, and execute multi-patient solutions for parking lots, mobile outdoor venues, indoor stadiums, convention centers, or other areas with capacity for large patient flow and high-traffic density.

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Independent Pharmacy + Clinic Solutions

A Private Consultation Room is easy to set-up and maintain, and can help independent pharmacies increase non-PBM revenue and build customer relationships. Get a quote or learn more about the benefits of a private consultation room

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School Solutions

Hamilton’s TQR (Temporary Quarantine Room) built according to CDC guidelines, promotes safety for students who may exhibit COVID-19 symptoms while at school. CDC guidelines require isolation in such cases, and the Hamilton TQR provides a safe, secure and innovative means to isolate students awaiting transport home to or to a treatment facility. The TQR provides close proximity to staff yet separation from student traffic in the nurse’s office or area. Learn more about our safe school solutions

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Why Hamilton?

For decades, Hamilton specializes in creating immersive brand experiences. The family-owned business has designed, built and supported award-winning high-impact structures for a wide spectrum of companies and organizations, ranging from Fortune 50 to small private companies. Hamilton can design and install effective structures to match – or exceed – vaccine administration objectives, school safety protocols, or retail pharmacy needs.

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