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    Award-Winning Digital Facility Tours

    Hamilton EXTEND Digital Facility Tours enable customer engagement beyond your physical location. EXTEND provides an immersive re-creation of your environment, for secure, invitation-only tours hosted by your trained guides and targeted and customized for each individual audience.

    Awards + Recognition

    A 360° Solution

    Revamp your approach to interacting with customers and potential clients by highlighting your operations, equipment, and technology. With a 360° virtual representation of your space, customers can explore your facility from anywhere in the world and experience a lifelike environment.

    Contract Manufacturing Facilities

    Don't wait for potential customers to visit your facility in person. EXTEND your reach and speed up your sales process by showcasing your facility to more people. With Hamilton EXTEND, you can also allow access to secure facilities, like clean rooms, that are challenging to access in person.

    Technology Centers

    Do you showcase your own technology products and solutions in a live environment? Is the time and expense associated with travel reducing visits from your prospects and customers? Take your program to the next level by offering a digital alternative that includes immersive photography, video, and graphics.

    Secure, Guided Tours

    The guided tour option ensures security and uncompromised quality of images and video content, streamed directly to customers’ screens. Tours are customized and targeted by your expert hosts – with an exclusive guided experience that replicates an in-person tour.

    Custom Content

    The EXTEND solution delivers custom content creation, professional onsite photography and video, and integration of your own existing marketing assets. Expanding content hotspots display information, video, and imagery detailing aspects of your manufacturing process, or products and solutions.

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