IBS 2024

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Cornerstone Building Brands, a premier exterior building solutions provider, embraced a more focused approach with optimized exhibit space at the International Builders Show (IBS) 2024. A smaller footprint offered the opportunity to maintain a strong brand presence and ensure high visitor engagement in a more intimate, focused environment. Cornerstone teamed up with Hamilton for IBS 2024, aiming to surpass expectations and highlight the extensive range of Cornerstone's products and solutions. The goal was to effectively communicate Cornerstone's new campaign, "Built for What's Next," while capturing valuable leads and creating memorable interactions.


The design expertly maximized every inch of space, showcasing Cornerstone's diverse products and solutions while vividly bringing the brand story to life. Cornerstone implemented a strategic approach that incorporated their branding and the "Built for What's Next" campaign throughout the exhibit. The exhibit featured four distinct spaces dedicated to their business units—Windows and Doors, Metal Structures, Surface Solutions, and Canada Solutions. Each of these spaces was designed to showcase total solutions vignettes, weaving all elements of Cornerstone's products into cohesive, engaging displays. This ensured that attendees could experience the breadth of what Cornerstone offers in a visually appealing and realistic setting.

A house facade was built at the back of the exhibit, grounding the exhibit in a relatable, real-world context. The front entrance was thoughtfully designed to guide attendees and optimize traffic flow, allowing them to navigate the exhibit seamlessly. By integrating interactive demonstrations and immersive displays, Cornerstone created a memorable and engaging experience for all attendees.


Cornerstone's presence at IBS 2024 was a resounding success, drawing many attendees and spotlighting their innovative products and solutions. Participants' positive feedback highlighted the impressive display, noting the creativity behind each vignette for the four business units. Cornerstone achieved an incredible lead capture rate, with 1,046 unique leads scanned using Hamilton inSIGHT®. The branded elements communicated the "Built for What's Next" campaign and bolstered brand visibility. Interactive demonstrations drew significant interest, showcasing high visitor engagement. The strategic approach and innovative design transformed spatial limitations into opportunities, significantly elevating Cornerstone's IBS 2024 presence.

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