Client Testimonial

"For any organization to be successful, an exhibit house needs to be more than a contracted vendor. It needs to be a more than a checkbox as any organization prepares for annual meetings. Hamilton knows our brand. They know our business, our goals, and our objectives. With a symbiotic relationship built on communication, transparency, and trust, magic happens for both organizations and - more importantly - the customers with whom we interact. Through many ups and downs, Elanco's partners at Hamilton have been a steadfast piece of our business. Their customer service and ability to strategically forward-think the needs of the industry is something that makes my job easier. Hamilton has earned high marks based on the ability to partner and challenge status quo. I am a better events planner within my organization because of Hamilton. As I tell my internal colleagues, "It's not just a booth." The same can be said for Hamilton. They aren't "just a booth." They are an ally who has taken our organization from a small animal health company with a small, 10x20' booth several years ago to the second largest animal health company with a large, 30'x50' customer experience. Quality is beyond building materials. Quality is solid return and support in every aspect. Hamilton Exhibits is Quality."

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