RCA, a leading name in the consumer electronics industry, partnered with Hamilton to take their Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2023 experience to the next level for CES 2024. Following their success at CES 2023, RCA trusted Hamilton's expertise and innovation to help position them as an industry leader while conveying a welcoming exhibit. RCA aimed to enhance their existing booth space, expand meeting areas and hospitality, and, as always, prioritize the overall attendee experience.


Every detail in the space was designed to communicate that RCA’s products are new, sleek, and technologically advanced. For example, sharp lighting and mirrored surfaces added a sense of elegance to the products. Retail vignettes featuring modern patterns and interior design finishes brought RCA’s products to life and encouraged attendees to envision them in their homes. These vignettes helped organize RCA’s wide range of product offerings into categories, making it easier for attendees to navigate the experience. Pergola blades connected the front tower to the rear structure, creating a semi-enclosed area, while the lights and mirrors underneath added a unique techno vibe to the technology-focused exhibit. Using wooden textures, modern furniture, greenery, and dynamic wall patterns conveyed that RCA's exhibit was both innovative and inviting.


The RCA tower stood tall above the surrounding exhibits, serving as a recognizable landmark for attendees around the show hall and cutting through the clutter of other hanging signs. For CES 2024, RCA captured leads with Hamilton inSIGHT®, Hamilton’s proprietary lead capture system. Hamilton inSIGHT's dynamic literature fulfillment tool enabled RCA to offer electronic literature to attendees for the first time while also providing valuable insights into lead generation. RCA’s brand is upscale yet accessible to everyone, and that's exactly how their CES 2024 experience represented their brand.

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