Our full-service, in-house digital team, part of StudioH, integrates digital and analog storytelling with our strategy and design to provide solutions that attract, engage, inform, and motivate your audience. Combining intelligent interactivity with a solid understanding of the attendee experience, our team brings your content to life.

Our Approach

Creative Studio

StudioH is Hamilton’s in-house creative experiential studio. With a focus on “experience first,” our creative studio develops campaigns and experiences to evoke emotional connectivity with audiences to help drive exceptional outcomes.

Planning + Management

Our comprehensive event planning and management services are customized to meet your brand’s unique needs. From the development of ideas to final execution and post-show breakdown, we work with you every step to reach your goals and exceed your expectations.


Hamilton’s in-house production and fabrication capabilities – engineering, shop fabrication, paint and finishing, graphics pre-press and production, final assembly, AV hardware rental, programming, and support – allow us to control quality while maintaining design intent.

Let us help you brand your experience.